5 Effective Ways to Prevent Amoebiasis Infection
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5 Effective Ways to Prevent Amoebiasis Infection

Learn about the 5 Effective Ways to Prevent Amoebiasis Infection. There are many bacteria present around us and we cannot get rid of them all. Some of these bacteria don't have the capability to infect our body, but amoebiasis has the properties in multiplying itself inside our body. This article provides healthy information about the easy remedies in effective prevention of amoebiasis infection.

Amoebiasis is one of the most common bacteria present in the canals, feces and other unclean water facilities. These bacteria can infect the body through oral ingestion of the foods and drinks contaminated with amoebiasis. Although this condition can be treated through antibiotic prescriptions of a medical expert, it can be fatal especially when immediate treatment is not applied. The amoebiasis bacteria can have an incubation period of 3 to 5 days depending on the body of the victim. These bacteria eventually multiply and infect other internal organs of the body such as the liver, stomach, intestine, lungs and brain. We don't actually need to wait for the infection if we can prevent it as early as we can by considering the effective ways to prevent amoebiasis infection.

Some of the common signs of amoebiasis infection include vomiting, fever, stomach pain, bloating and constipation. It is very important to seek immediate treatment especially when the patient shows those signs to avoid the bacteria to become severe. It is just very simple to avoid being infected with amoebiasis in fact, the ways to prevent amoebiasis infection don't necessarily require us to spend money or purchase something. All we need is to be just responsible and aware of our health especially our proper hygiene. These are the best ways to avoid amoebiasis bacterial infection.

Wash Both Hands Properly Before Eating

Washing both hands is the most important ways to prevent amoebiasis infection. Remember to wash both hands properly and thoroughly since bacteria are microscopic and can hide in between fingers. As much as possible, use soap with antibacterial components to wash away any bacteria present on the hands. Make washing of hands before and after every meal a daily habit avoid being infected with amoebiasis as well as transmitting it to other individual.

Avoid Street Foods and Drinks

Most students from universities, colleges and schools have sidewalk or street vendors selling cooked and ready to eat foods. These foods should be a big no for those people who want to avoid amoebiasis infection. Most of street vendors selling street foods don't actually have sanitray permits which mean that they don't have any responsibility of the effect of the foods they prepare and sell. Since we don't have any idea how these street foods and drinks were prepared and cooked, we are not assured of its cleanliness and freshness. It would be better for us to buy foods packed with manufacturers such as biscuits, cheesecakes and cookies. Avoid eating foods such as barbecues, bananacues, chicken balls, squid balls and all the foods that we can see along the street. Avoiding street foods and drinks are just some of the best ways to prevent amoebiasis infection to our body.

Always Carry Hand Sanitizer

Being responsible to carry hand sanitizer anywhere is a very good habit since there are small chances that bacteria can penetrate into our body. There are instances that we shake hands with other people, touch door knobs, going in the toilet and anything that we touch. These events can be a way for bacteria to infect and incubate within our body. Carrying hand sanitizer all the time is one of the best ways to prevent amoebiasis infection.

Get Rid of Crawling Insects

Since amoebiasis infection can be obtain by ingestion of amoeba from the ground, crawling insects are the most common carriers of these organisms. Usually, crawling insects such as ants, termites and cockroaches carry amoebiasis bacteria from the ground and transmit it to the foods as they step on it. Once we ingest these foods that crawled by insects, there are chances that we could get infected with amoebiasis infection. One of the most effective ways to prevent amoebiasis infection is eliminate these crawling insects by using anti insect sprays and cleaning the surroundings especially those possible breeding grounds.

Eat Healthy and Nutritious Foods

Of course, one of the easiest ways to prevent amoebiasis infection is by eating healthy and nutritious foods. In fact, eating these foods can prevent other bacterial infections and common diseases because a healthy body has enough fighting agents against these invasive microorganisms. Fruits and vegetables should always be the best choice in maintaining the body healthy and disease free.

The above mentioned foods are the effective ways to prevent amoebiasis infection. It is always important to prevent bacteria and other microorganisms by being responsible to our lifestyle rather than treating the infection. We can prevent amoebiasis infection as long as we follow the above mentioned tips.

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Comments (2)

Washing hands alone can reduce the risk of getting infection to half. Thanks for sahring the useful info.

Informative and valuable information on ways to prevent amoebiasis infection!  I also have to agree with Valli.  Also I learned the medical term for this infection by reading this article.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge in this area.  Article worthy of a recommendation...