D-Worm SD: Once-off Treatment for Intestinal Worm Parasite Infestations
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D-Worm SD: Once-off Treatment for Intestinal Worm Parasite Infestations

Deworm yourself with D-Worm SD, a single dose once-off treatment that kills form infestations in the human body. It containts the anthelmintic agent Mebendazole.

Parasitic worms could include both stomach worms and intestinal worms. Human intestinal parasite worms are worms that populate the gastro intestinal tract primarily, but they can also live in other parts of the body. Meat is just one of the many culprits of infestation, and intestinal worm infestations could be caused from consuming almost any fruit or vegetable if the foods are consumed raw and are not washed thoroughly before consumption. Direct skin contact with contaminated soil can also cause infection as larvae present in the soil get transferred onto your skin.

Above:  Hookworms

The usual symptoms of intestinal worms are diarrhea, foul breath, dark circles under the eyes, constant desire for food, restlessness at night with bad dreams, anemia, and headaches.  Round-worms may give rise to inflammation of the intestine and lungs, nausea, vomiting, loss of weight, fever, nervousness, and irritability.  Threadworms may cause intense itching in the area around the rectum. They may also cause periodic bouts of diarrhea alternating with constipation, loss of weight, cough, and fever. Hookworms may give rise to anemia and nutritional disorders.

D-Worm SD kills worm infestations.  It comes in a single dose tablet, containing 500 mg mebendazole.   The tablet is a light peach pink and round, with a breakline on the one side with beveled edges. 

Mebendazole is an anthelmintic agent.  Its action is independent of its systemic concentration.  It causes selective disappearance of cytoplasmic microtubules in the tegumental and intestinal cells of affected worms.  Secretory substances accumulate in Golgi areas, secretion of acetylcholinesterase is impaired and uptake of gluclose is also impaired; therefore glycogen and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) are depleted resulting in depletion of the worms' energy sources and their slow death.  These effects are not noticed in the cells of the host. 

D-Worm SD tablets are effective for the treatment of single and mixed helminth infestations caused by the following nematodes:  Large roundworm, whipworm, hookworms & pinworms. 

Mebendazole should not be given during pregnancy, also not recommended to children younger than 2 years of age. 

D-Worm SD is a simply and easy treatment; simply take the single tablet and that should be that.  However, a single dose of D-Worm SD may not be sufficient to cure infestations with hookworm and whipworm (Trichuris) although a substantial reduction in egg count can be expected.  A second dose should be given to those patients who are still infected three to four weeks after the first dose. 

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