Here Are Ways to Beat Tummy Troubles
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Here Are Ways to Beat Tummy Troubles

Here are ways to alleviate stomach pain.

Do you feel queasy? Do you feel crampy in your stomach? Are feeling constant burn in your stomach? Here are natural solutions to give you fast relief without the negative consequences that can come from OTC and prescription medications.

Heartburn can be halted with licorice. Try chewing one 380 mg tablet of deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL) for 20 minutes before meals and at bedtime. The DGL is just as effective as prescription strength Tagamet. It protects sensitive tissues by increasing the production of mucus and thickening the lining in your throat. This also helps the stomach too.

Diarrhea is a traveler nightmare. If you use probiotics it may help elevate diarrhea. Nothing slams the brakes on a vacation faster than the cramping and discomfort of diarrhea, which can hit if you consume tainted water or food. Luckily, you can get back on your feet fast simply by taking one capsule a day of Culturella. This is a probiotics loaded with the good bacteria Lactobacillus GG, which crowds out the trouble making bacteria in your system. You can find it in major pharmacies.

Mastic gum can undo ulcers. It is a myth, that stress and spicy foods cause most stomach ulcers. The usual culprit is actually H.pylori bacteria. The good news is that Mastic gum which comes from the resin of a Mediterranean tree can zap these trouble maker bugs within two weeks. The gum secret is it contains powerful antibacterial.

Ginger helps alleviate nausea. For centuries, herbalists have relied on ginger root to quickly and safely squash queasiness from motion sickness, pregnancy and overeating and now it helps just plain nausea. It does help people who suffer from seasickness than those who took placebo. Gingerols which give the root its distinctive taste can calm the spasms that make your stomach churn.

If your stomach is still in pain it maybe gas. If you have gas try caraway tea. Oils in these sweet and spicy seeds relax tense stomach and intestinal muscles, easing bloating and abdominal pain. To make the tea follow these directions steep one teaspoon caraway seeds in boiled water and cover to keep the beneficial oils from evaporating for ten to 20 minutes.

For constipation suffers use Kiwi fruit. It is high in water, fiber and enzymes that have a mild laxative outcome and if you eat two a day it relieves chronic constipation. This will help you go easier overtime.

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