How Do You Know if You, or Your Children Have Worms
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How Do You Know if You, or Your Children Have Worms

How do people get worms. How do I know if I have worms? How to tell if children have worms? How to diagnose intestinal parasites? Symptoms of having worms in humans and people.

The thought of something living inside you can be very unnerving. While this is sadly common in many parts of the world, due to people drinking unclean water, worms are also a concern of people in developed nations. It is for those people this article is primarily written since the worms and parasites found in third world nations can infect people in many ways. We are mostly talking about intestinal worms and parasites.

How do People Get Worms

People can get worms from eating undercooked meat, or even by handling raw meat (especially pork). People can also get worms by handling animal feces and not washing their hands before eating. Some worms, such as pinworms are transferred only from other people. Some worms can also be transferred through the soil, so it is important to wash all vegetables and potatoes, that are in contact with the soil.

Symptoms of Having Intestinal Worms

Please note that symptoms of having worms are more easily noticed in children, adults often do not have symptoms until they are heavily infested.

Sometimes worms will actually be seen in the stool. This is very common with pinworms as they may show up attached to the stool itself in the toilet.

An itchy anus may also indicate worms, often pinworms show this way. If you observe a child itching their bottom regularly, pinworms should be suspected.

Diarrhea, often with streaks of blood, is a symptom of having intestinal parasites such as worms.

Distended abdomen, with frequent stomach noises, and sometimes pain.

Gas is a common symptom and may be very smelly or expelled with great force.

People with worms may feel nauseated, may vomit, and generally feel ill.

Bad breath is also a symptom of worms.

Anemia is often caused by having worms.

What to do if you Suspect You, or Your Child, has Worms

You need to see a doctor if you suspect you have parasitic worms. The doctor can diagnose worms using x-ray, stool sample, or blood tests (depending on the type of worm). If you have actually found a worm it can be brought to the doctor who will be able to identify it. Since different worms require different medication, knowing what kind of worm is present is important.

Home Remedies for Worms

Although many home remedies are to be found, none are 100% effective. The most common suggestions include eating garlic, pumpkin seeds, spicy foods, and drinking green tea.

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Comments (5)

timely...students in our school will be having their annual de-worming..very helpful indeed, in so doing parents have to sign a waiver allowing their kids to do so

My kids seemed to all get worrms when they were little. They ate dirt. Yes, I was watching them, but with 3 stair stepped in age, my one set of eyes did not always see everything. thank you for helping parents with this valuable content.

Excellent information on this topic. Voted up!

Very well-written valuable information here.

You know what is really odd, Brenda, is the fact that I cannot remember ever having worms :-))