Is It Serious When My Baby Vomits?: Questions to Ask the Doctor
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Is It Serious When My Baby Vomits?: Questions to Ask the Doctor

You should see your baby doctor if you feel that your infant is vomiting too much

Complications associated with babies spitting up

Young mothers are especially concerned when their babies bring up after eating. Most of the time this is quite normal and the children out grow it. It is rare there are any complications as the baby outgrows the condition but the odd time a child might have breathing problems. There is research indicating that infants who have acid reflux tend to have GERD as adults as well.

If you suspect your baby has GERD, you will want to see the pediatrician. You can prepare for the appointment by jotting down all your babies symptoms so that you do not forget. Pay particular attention to how often the baby throw ups, if it is only after eating, and how much the baby throws up at a time.

You are going to have provide your doctor with key information such as how often do you feed the baby, what do you feed the baby, are you breastfeeding, what formula are you using, have you switched formulas and do you burp the baby.

Don't forget to jot down any questions you may need to ask the doctor such as:

  • What is causing the symptoms?
  • Is my baby ill?
  • How can I stop the spitting up?
  • Am I incorrectly feeding my baby?
  • Does my baby need to undergo any testing?
  • What treatments are available?
  • Do you have any brochures, websites,or dietician to refer me to?

Even if you do not have a list of questions your doctor is surely going to ask questions to determine your infant's health. Some of these questions will be:

  • When did you first notice your baby spitting up?
  • Does it happen only after a feeding?
  • How often do you feed your baby?
  • How much do you feed your baby at any given feeding?
  • Does how often does it happen?
  • How is your baby's mood in between feedings, and during,and after feedings is there a marked difference?
  • Have you changed formulas or switched from breastfeeding to bottle feeding?
  • Is there different people feeding the baby and if so do they all feed the baby the same way?
  • In what position does your baby sleep?
  • Does anything seem to make the symptoms better or worse?

To help the situation in between the doctor's visit, you can make sure you always feed the baby in an upright position, that you burp your baby frequently and that you feed your baby smaller portions at a time.


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Comments (5)

Good write!

This is a great article for all new mothers to read. Well done with excellent info. Promoted

Excellent information. Thanks for posting.

good information. If a baby is forcefully vomiting, rather than an occassional spit up, the parent needs to get it to a doctor/hospital right away.

Very helpful tips for parents, Carol.