The Best Ways To Cure Hiccups
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The Best Ways To Cure Hiccups

There are many cures for hiccups. A lot of hiccup cures can be bizarre but a few of them have been known to work great.

Hiccups are one of the most annoying no-life threatening maladies known to man. They are involuntary muscle contractions in the diaphragm that can literally drive a person crazy. These muscles spasm force air into the lungs and cause the vocal cords to close. They can last for minutes or go on for hours.

Experts are divided as to what causes hiccups. Several things have been known to be causing factors including eating too fast, drinking alcohol, and eating spicy food. Some doctors have also suspected that some cases are caused by psychological problems. Whatever the cause may be, hiccups can be greatly annoying for the sufferer.

The most famous known case of the hiccups is recorded in the Guinness World Records. Charles Osborne, of Anthon, Iowa had a continuous case of hiccups from 1922 until 1990 for an astonishing 68 years.

People have come up with many remedies over the years. Some have worked to a moderate degree and some have proven to just be downright amusing. There have been hundreds of cures for hiccups that have been spread throughout the years. Here are some cures that some people will actually swear that they will work.

  • Close your eyes and gently press your eyeballs
  • Eat one tablespoon of peanut butter
  • Smell black pepper
  • Swallowing a spoonful of sugar
  • Drinking upside down
  • Breathing into a paper bag
  • Drinking while holding your nose and ears closed
  • Drinking Chamomile tea
  • Stick your fingers in your ears and drink through your ears

There are two cures for hiccups that have been praised by many people as the most trusted cures.

  • Take a deep breath and hold it for 10 seconds. And then, before you exhale, breathe in even more air and hold for another 5 seconds. Then breathe in as much air as you can one more time and hold it for 5 seconds. Breathe out and hopefully the hiccups will be gone.
  • Fill up a large glass with water and drink it one sip at a time, in a series of gulps. Make sure you get in at least six or seven gulps without hiccupping. You may have to try this several times before you are successful. Start drinking immediately after a hiccup in order to give yourself enough time to complete the series of events. After about seven gulps, there should be enough pressure built up in your esophagus. Let it all out in one big burp. That burp will relieve the tension in your diaphragm that caused the hiccups in the first place.

There is no miracle cure for hiccups, but one of the above remedies should work for you.

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Comments (3)

Very interesting article, Mark! As a kid, I always drank water, upside down. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not!

Well offered solutions for the remedy of hiccups.

Thanks for this article. To imagine that some people have hiccups for years!